Welcome to kamusiproject.us, the organizational website of Kamusi Project USA. To visit the organizational website of Kamusi Project International, please go to kamusi.ch. To find the good stuff at the educational website of the Kamusi Project, please visit kamusi.org.

From this page you can:

Kamusi Project USA (KPUSA) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in the State of Delaware. KPUSA is responsible for all activities associated with the Kamusi Project in the United States. Activities include US-based fundraising and expenditures, and all project development that occurs on US soil or through contracts that originate in the US.

Kamusi Project USA is affiliated with Kamusi Project International (KPI), an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. In accordance with the statutes of KPI, KPUSA is recognized as the United States chapter of the Kamusi Project, and is eligible to nominate one member to the KPI General Assembly. KPUSA and KPI work closely together on the development of the Kamusi Project educational website, other resources for African languages, and additional activities including fundraising and membership recruitment. The two organizations are nevertheless separate legal entitites that operate independently of each other according to the laws of the United States and Switzerland.

Residents of the United States who wish to join or donate to the Kamusi Project must do so through this website, kamusiproject.us. Residents of any other country, including US citizens using an address outside of the United States, must use the Kamusi Project International website, kamusi.ch, to join or donate.

One last thing. If you are a US resident and you wish to join or donate to the Kamusi Project, please read the following statement so that you understand the relationship between the Kamusi Project, your money, and US tax law:

Kamusi Project USA, Inc. (KPUSA) solicits funds and contributions in support of its own programs and activities and not in support of any other organization.  By contributing to KPUSA you acknowledge that it has full control of the contributed funds and full discretion to ensure that they are used in furtherance of its charitable purposes.  The Board of Directors of KPUSA may, in its absolute discretion, refuse any conditional or otherwise earmarked contribution and return to the donor any such contributions actually received.